Momma Dee has let it known that The Bam is a hypocrite for not standing up to encourage Lil Scrappy to pay for Emani child support but is now harassing Safaree any chance she gets airtime on reality tv concerning his child support drama with Erica and their custody.Many think Bambi is just trying to do damage control of her past behavior to change narrative.

As you all know , Bambi was sleeping with Lil Scrappy when he was still engaged to Erica Dixon.That time she was a friend of the show on Basketball Wives and a First Lady of the Pink Lipstick gang getting her coins with her rap career that she is trying to revive now.She was also a thot doing gang bangs with Benzino and Kirk Frosty in hot tubs..

When Erica finally left Scrappy , Bambi took over and never once encouraged that man to be up to date with his child support payments.Erica went to the extend of pounding her engagement ring to provide for Emani and did like more four seasons on Love and Hiphop begging this man to pay child support.Bambi never opened her mouth on the issue but see it fit to get a storyline to talk about Safaree’s parenting style.

Momma Dee is not a big fan of whoever his son is dating or married to.She prefers the side chicks or the babymamas over what his son chooses at the time.This is evidenced by her relationship with Shay , Erica Dixon and that other girl scrappy was sleeping with when The Bam suffered a miscarriage.Momma Dee never wanted to share Biggy Scrappy with anyone.


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