Some of us may have known her from the blogs as hip-hop artist Camron’s longtime girlfriend but Juju Juliet Castaneda proved to all of us that she was more than that and even bigger when she graced our television sets when she joined Love and Hiphop Hollywood as Yandy Smith-Harris friend.From beauty and brains , fashion and elegance we can all agree that she was serving class.

Juju is a forty-one years old media personality,  businesswoman , model and entrepreneur born in Brooklyn,  New York City and grew up in Miami Florida.Her parents are Afro-Cuban and they relocated to the United States  Of American a year before she was born to live the American whilst giving their children a better future.She also refers to herself as AfroLatino and her first language is Spanish.

When she was a teen she moved to Orlando to work as an airport security screener and she later did her Business Degree and Masters in Public Management.Juliet is also a licensed real estate broker and is a landlord to a number of houses and apartments in Houston, Harlem and Atlanta.She also owns an online hair company for human hair extensions for women and wigs.

Juju C is also an author,  she wrote the fjamous book called Secret Of A Jewel. She also directed a play of the novel and it featured fellow castmember on Love and Hiphop reggae upcoming legend Safaree Samuels who she later dated briefly on the show.Their relationship was affected at the reunion after his secret tub footage with Mariahlynn Boss was aired to the public by producers.

She dated Cameron from 2007 and engaged in 2014.The broke up in 2017 after exactly ten years of being together.They had been friends for five years before they dated.In 2021 she got married in Las Vegas and loves to keep her marriage private away from reality shows and blogs.She has been spending her time between working as an actress and modelling for her hair recently.

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