In Karlie Redd’s voice holding them Lie Dictactor Test , IT WAS ALL A  LIE , Shooter Gates who is Sierra Gates ex husband is finally clearing his own name after he finally got famous off a storyline to help his son’s mother to get Tv time and for him to be relevant in Atlanta.So according to an ATL blog it is said that  Shooter revealed  Mariah cheating stuff was fake and these two were already separated a year prior to shooting the show.

The couple was introduced in season 7 and Sierra with her professional and classy self became people’s favourite.Her successful story from being a single mom in school , getting a makeup job at a mall and doing makeup in strip clubs  to having her own makeup brand – so self made and we love to see it.But what Sierra did not share is how Shooter’s role was important here.

Sierra met Shooter in 2007 and they married in 2008.Shooter was established therefore he helped his wife to start her business from nothing til she become successful.Shooter helped Sierra with her first shop and her cosmetics line back early 2010s but thing is Sierra never mentions it.The Glam shop bosslady always talks about how Shooter and BK were her charity cases when infact these guys are not like that in real life.

As time went by Shooter’s ego was really getting hurt because he has kids who he wants to be responsible one day and the way Sierra talks about him on TV whenever cameras start to roll is not so good.She goes to the extend of saying that Shooter was with her for money but when they got married she was still living in her car while her mother was taking care of her daughter.

BK once said that Sierra will milk you dry with her love of demanding soft luxury life while she is busy investing her millions doing her money monster type of thing which she really does well , you know she is now worth over 10million.With Eric Whitehead she is always being a spoilt brat hinting on trips to London , Maldives , doing tantrums not wanting to live in a mansion   , saying a million dollar condo is not good for her and so forth..

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