As Mimi Faust continues to grow up now being fifty years of age , she can never stop regretting what she did for a VH1 storyline when she was in her late 40s making herself look stoooopid on television and p0rnhub trying to be Kim Kardashian or whatever Paris Hilton did in early 2000s.One thing is we all feel bad for her but more for her daughter who is already getting teased for it in school.

It must have hit home for Mimi Faust seeing the current season of Love and Hiphop Atlanta which centered on Lil Mendeeces confronting Yandy about how he was affected and embarrased by how his stepmom’s goons att_acked his mother Samantha Wallace years ago while his daddy was in jail for more embarrasing stuff.

Mimi Faust is considered the Queen Mother of Love and Hiphop considering how she carried the show for over 7 seasons from fighting with Stevie J about Hoesline Hoenandez(intended) , having 3sums with Hoesline , dating a married man Niko and even shooting a bedroom tape and planting it on the airport to being exposed by besty Ariane Davis for being a pathological liar and clout chasing.

The mother of one is one of those many parents who will have to answer to their kids as they grow up since we live in this internet world where even an adult content ad can appear on a kids’ tablet while playing a video game at least according to Kim Kardashian and her fake storylines about her fake second tape with Ray J leaking.

Personally l feel for all those kids whose parents act up all ratchet or crazy on social media or on television because nomatter how the parents will try to provide answers of why they acted that way , am mainly concerned about the way the kids will be treated in schools or with their peers.Look at Fancy aka Garcelle from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills , she is poised and classy but her innocent son was bullied.Now imagine what will happen to the Kardashian next generation !


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