Spice is no stranger to the American audience be it from being messy just like her friend Ms Karlie Redd or to troublesome love life and then hosting dramatic events.However Spice  does all that to trend and this helps her to secure her bag.

Spice is estimated to have a networth of over 5 million and is expected to be much more than that if she did not spend so much money on designer clothes and those colourful wigs she wear all the time.Spice is known for wearing her clothes matching from down to top like how a carribean should.

Much of Spice’s wealthy comes from being in the music game since 2000.She is always booked and busy , one thing about her is dedication.She releases music almost every month and albums every year.She is so consistence and that has earned her a Grammy  Nomination for best Reggae Album.

Spice’s besty Karlie Redd hooked her with producers from Love and Hiphop Atlanta and since season 8 , the Dancehall Queen has been gracing our screens with her drama.She went from fighting Tokyo Vanity over Tobias to almost getting into it with Akbar V.This season she is being messy tolerating Joc’s side piece Meda.

She also has a makeup line and wig line called faces and laces plus a clothing brand called Gracia Noir derived from her real name Grace Latoya Hamilton.She is fluent in Jamaican Patois and British Accent English since she spent most of her chidhood living with her grandparents in London.

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