Momma Dee is at it again igniting a new beef with Bambi after commenting on Love and Hiphop Instagram page on an upcoming episode small clip.

Fans were not pleased with Momma Dee’s comment which was igniting and gaslighting Bambi who really tries by all means to be a good daughter in law and loyal wife to Lil Scrappy.

Momma Dee did the same with Erica Dixon until she washed her hands off that family and now she is doing it to Bambi.It seems the only person she loved and approved was Shay Johnson who she even thought was pregnant with Scrappy’s kid early this year.

Scrappy is a momma’s boy and is comfortable doing crazy stuff to his wife the mother of his kids and still behaves like he is 12 when he can be a grandfather to Emani’s kids in the near future.

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