I did not really know or viewed Nia Riley as one for streets because she will be low-key doing shady stuff behind the closed doors in that order! Years ago she was rumoured to be chowing Moniece Slaughter Lil Fizz Pop but it never made it on TV because it was going to ruin Moniece’s storyline with Rich Dollarz and her bedroom tape.

A close source to Nia’s sister who is a dancer is running her mouth saying Nia and Fizz Pop are expecting a baby together.They were planning to announce their pregnancy with some pictures but again it was ruined by his bu++ onlyfans pictures leaking online.To save face and dealing with her mental health for a healthy pregnancy Nia decided to not disclose her relationship.

Remember in the Marriage Bootcamp house how Soul Jah Boy and Stephanie who was with Fizz at the time were always insecure of the two and their tight friendship. They denied and denied but 7 years later we are learning that maybe Hoeniece and her crazy self were actually right about the whole thing.

Nia is the daughter of legend Ted Riley who trended last year for calling out Soldier Boy for using and treating his daughter badly for over 10years only for him to have a baby with another woman years later.


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