I have said it many times that Momma Dee is misunderstood but at the same time Grandma Deborah needs to take a chill pill when it comes to expressing herself to people who are trying to get a reaction off her because now she is dragging her eldest granddaughter Emani into the mess and it’s not a good thing at all!

A week ago Lil Scrappy daughter got into a fight with employees at Wendy’s.She finally addressed the situation and said it was all grandmother’s fault Momma Dee. She literally blamed her grandmother to be behind the misunderstanding but apologized for her part on how she acted.

Emani is just like her parents Lil Scrappy and Erica that love to fight and showing everyone that nobody can mess with them but she is also Momma Dee grandchild when it comes to social media ranting and altercations. She does live streams at+acking her friends’ partners calling them jealous.

However Emani is a great kid since we have never seen her craziness on Love and Hiphop like Yung Joc’s kids or Sierra Glamshop daughter or more worse Tommie Lee’s daughters never to mention Kirk frost daughter, Rasheeda’s son and Stevie J’s daughter Savanna

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