City girls are trying to win but hunnay its never easy because the wives are moving with the tiger pace to protect their territory.Jasmine Bleu aka Kirk Frost babymama….yes the one he was sleeping with from the s_trip club , that small girl had the nerve to do a whole song dissing The Boss Chick Rasheeda😂

These young girls no longer have shame in their minds and thoughts let alone their bodies.She had a baby with a married man , the man’s wife never looked for her but rather she is coming for her and trying to start a rap career from dissing the Peach Candy (you all remember Rasheeda and Kandi Just Kickin’ from The Xscape doing some girl group stuff).

In the past Jasmine , her momma and her grandma once sat down to talk bad about Rasheeda on one of the episodes of Love and Hiphop but fans called them out for allowing 3 generations to be babymommas from married was embarrassing.Kirk and Rasheeda could be TV parents but we all know that baby is getting thousands from The Frosts and Jasmine is using the change to buy swimsuits for the Gram😂

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