Lyrica might be going to jail but words in everybody’s mouth is that Somebody had to show Shekinah the consequences of running her mouth all the damn time.Fans always never condone violence but they are sending all thanks to Lyrica Anderson for s_macking her in her face after she spoke about her mother and her son Ocean.

Lyrica has posted on her Instagram boasting how she really beat the fvck outta her although it looked as if beat her azz and tried to run away.Some fans are saying that punch did not connect to her what so ever and that she is a weak Bihch.

You all remember that in the last season of Love and Hiphop she was beat up by Erica Mena in Miami for putting her mouth in people’s business.And also remember how she wanted some smoke with Keysha Kaior and Gucci Mane family in that Tv wedding on BET in 2017 stirring the post always with her messy behavior.

Below is how she was got in line by Erica Mena

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