Just the other day l was talking about kids of reality stars especially Love and Hiphop sons and daughters who were fortunate to get big numbers on social media because of their famous parents.It looks like Tammy’s Angel Charlie who recently turned 17 years old has joined the chart and she is getting in grown people’s business.

Well , one thing about Tammy Rivera’s daughter is that she is rather mature and only speaking sense.She is so well educated when it comes to mental health and also how people should behave at a certain age.She was mainly talking about how she sees Natalie Nun as a bad influence on television.Being the same toxic person she was on every other Bad Girls Club and years later nothing has changed rather getting worse.

She also left no stone unturned weighing on Chrisean Rock’s madness with Blueface .She gave people advise on how they should remember whatever they do today might have a great impact on their tommorow.Chrisean is clout chasing saying she is pregnant and will keep it, if its true then the baby will be looking back seeing their mommy getting into many fights within 3days of announcing it.

Waka Flocka was never a good husband to Charlie’s mom but from what we are seeing he is definitely a greatdad stepping up and doing a good job raising a well informed intelligent black girl



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