Stevie J’s troublesome daughter Madam Savannah Jordan is living it up in LA.We all know her dad is rich and connected but the lifestyle baby sis is living too extravagant for even Angela Simmons who works hard posing in swimsuits for instagram.

Savannah now owns a Rangerover and her friends who are also celebrity kids have also questioned where she gets all the money.She is not even a social media personality , her dad is even backtrack with Mimi Faust and Hoesline Hoenandez child support and she does not have a job except a cheque from Growing Up Hiphop which is not much anyway for a friend of the show like her.

When she appeared on Growing Up Hiphop she was always carrying expensive luxurious bags and accessories.She claimed she had a business like an online store for item but her friends confirmed the business was not even functioning since the owner is always in Private Yatchs partying with the rich.

She got famous back in early seasons of Love and Hiphop fighting with Joseline after she gave birth to her baby Bonnie Bella.The two were going after each other’s throats and it did not look good on Joseline who kissed bye to the show after fighting Mona Scott on camera to run her some money she was owed for her Delivery Special.

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