Richie Dollaz’ daughter is now a free woman after her case was dismissed this morning at the high court.She shot at her ex lover/babydaddy’s car who was stalking her using her security job gun.

Rich Dollars’ Daughter Ashley Arrested For Shooting Her BabyDad Using Her Police Gun

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When they say like mother like daughter or an apple does not fall away from a tree they mean Rich Dollarz’ daughter Ashley and her mother Miracle Kay.She was arrested for sh00ting her babydad the same crime her mother was facing jail time for in 2018 which was her storyline on Love and Hiphop.

The smart thing that Ms Dollarz did was to report her crime to the police and then cooperated which worked in her favor.She was defending herself from her crazy ex boyfriend slash baby dad who she filed a restraining order for.She said she saw someone following her and reaching for a gun therefore she used her gun to retaliate.She is working as a security police guard at a gas station in Tennesse.

The 23 year old recently gave birth to her daughter Demi Dollarz and the crime happened on her first day at work.She is a rapper and a social media influencer with a real day job since she is educated unlike other celebrity kids who are entiletittled

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