Young Kenyan siblings Kyle and Brianna have been trending since they came out to reveal that they are currently in a romantic affair
The 21 and 19-year-old lovers have revealed that they found out they shared the same dad months after they got into a relationship and have talked deeply in love to part ways.

According to the youngsters, finding out that they were related only made their love sweeter and maintained that there was no problem with them continuing with their relationship.
They met at a party, immediately clicked and decided to date. They moved in together. “I was in second year because we have dated for two years. We met through a friend who used to say we have similarities and a resemblance. The friend wanted to connect me with someone who loved the same things as me and we did not know she was my sister. We had dated for months and then we moved in together,” Kyle said.

The two have dated for two years, and it was a shock when they found out they were related. “I was going through my phone, and then I showed him the snap of my dad, and he told me that it was his dad too.

I did not feel nice. I know you would not feel nice when you find out that the man you love is your blood brother. My dad said that he did not want my mum to find out when I confronted him. We are very close with my dad,” Brianna said.

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