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The Murehwa community of Kadenge village in ward 26 has been left bewildered after 23 year old Dickson publicly confessed his love to a 70+ year old granny .

Speaking to JCTV, the stepmother of Dickson narrated the whole story on how the two become involved and how their respective families dwelt with this matter. She says this is the 2nd time Dickson has brought a wife older than him home. The first instance he brought a wife with one child one he was beaten by his mother and chased away from home

This time Dickson decided to do the unthinkable and started a love affair with a woman who is over 70 years old. His father warned him of this but he did not listened and threatened to leave home and start a new life away from home.

The wife has 7 children and grandchildren. The children were very upset by the actions of Dickson and beat him up. He was left with many bruises but he pledged his love and commitment and vowed that he could even die for her.

The headmen tried to refrain him from this affair but the young man has been adamant and is not listening to anyone. The stepmother said she finally accepted this fate and they have been living together with their daughter in law for a month now.

Dickson was unavailable for comment as he has been avoiding any confrontations or meetings regarding this matter. It is believed that the woman is one month pregnant as she missed her period and she will go for checkup and affirm this position.

In her narration she says she loves her husband and whatever happens she puts it in God’s hands.

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