Madam Boss’ pictures at the just-ended BET Awards have been awash on social media as many people, particularly women, have been getting inspiration from the popular comedian. Madam Boss, born Tyra Chikocho, is the only Zimbabwean celebrity who was invited to attend the prestigious BET Awards 2024 that were hosted over the weekend in Los Angeles.

With pictures posted on her facebook page, Madam Boss got an opportunity to rub shoulders with A list celebrities from the US such as Rihanna T.I, Usher, Will Smith among others.

Not only did she meet them, she also recorded videos with Will Smith and Coco Jones who sent their shout outs to Zimbabwe. In a picture that melted so many hearts, Madam Boss was posing with Makhadzi, a South African Music sensation who won the Best New International Act at the BET Awards.

Her appearance at the BET comes a few months after she had attended the Bridgerton Season 3 launch in South Africa. The Bridgerton Season 3 launch was graced by celebrities and social media influencers from all over Africa from Zimbabwe it was Madam Boss and Misred.

Surprisingly, there are some social media users who have outlined Madam Boss’ BET attendance is not an achievement. However, these nay-sayers have attracted backlash and have been silenced by popular influencers like Jackie Ngarande, who posted Madam Boss on her a page with a caption that says “Kana zvirinyore itawo”.

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