Twitter was ablaze with comments after “Sunflower”, a trans activist issued a statement of her return after a few days of being missing. According to the statement, Sunflower could not check in at an Air BnB in Harare on the 28 June as she was abducted and taken advantage of.

“She was abducted by someone claiming he would take her to Air BnB while she was inebriated. He did not take her home but instead robbed and sexually assaulted her”, the statement claimed.

What raised a lot of questions from the public, was the fact that she is said to have walked from Norton to the GALZ DIC where she slept. People have been asking, why she had to walk from Norton to Harare if she had been found in Norton. Some have believed that the statement released, has got a lot of loopholes which makes the whole situation hard to believe.

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