Gospel musician Takesure Zamar Ncube, has announced his withdrawal from the upcoming Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin tour. The tour, scheduled to take place on August 12 at the Glamis Arena, has been highly anticipated by fans. However, Takesure cited unforeseen circumstances as the reason for his withdrawal.

Annatoria, known for her hit song “Stay with Me”, has also withdrawn from the tour amidst the drama surrounding the event. The withdrawals come at a time when Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin have been facing criticism from some quarters. Their recent performance with Will Smith at the BET Awards has been labeled “ungodly” and “demonic” by some believers.

The Kingdom World Tour, which was set to feature Takesure and Annatoria, has been marred by controversy. Despite the withdrawals, the tour is expected to go on as scheduled, with Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin performing in several cities across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Kirk Franklin, an American songwriter and gospel singer, has won an impressive 20 Grammy Awards. His collaboration with Maverick City Music has been highly successful, and their music has inspired countless fans around the world.

The withdrawals of Takesure and Annatoria have left fans disappointed.

One analyst had this to say :

We have Christians who will go kwa Burna Boy and leave vasina ma voice but are ready to boycott Maverick City , that’s really ironic. The same people that criticize urban gospel ndovanoswera vachiti baby bend like this after church.If we really understand that the enemy is the devil we will start rebuking each other and stop fighting.

If your brother makes what you perceive is a mistake do you go around calling him a devil or you speak to him , what does love teaches us?. Well that being said, Living for God is not kuchema makatsinzinya muchiscreamer because that’s just two hours of your week. Your daily life is what’s Christianity is all about.

Am not saying let’s embrace what we do not understand or believe am saying let’s approach any matter the way Jesus would approach it. The examples are already there , nothing much to overthink of.

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