In an exemplary white wedding, a 47-year-old mother in Malawai married her own blood 30-year-old child.

A stirr has been caused in Malawi by this report and the storh has been trending on social media.

In a distribution in one of the Malawian papers, the lady, Memory Njemani revealed that she wedded her child because she contributed a huge amount of money in his education.

She strongly believes that she can’t work for somebody to harvest from her perspiration consequently, she should be the one to enjoy the benefits of sending her child to school.

“I put alot of cash in the education of my child. For what reason should another lady be hitched to him and make the most of my diligent effort I put resources into him? That won’t occur. I’m wedding my child so we don’t enable different ladies who have been cutting short ” she bemoaned.

Therefore in this case, many believe that the woman charmed her son into marrying her because a normal person in his own senses would never do that.

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