Girl (15) Commits Suicide After Failing Virginity Test

A 15-year-old girl from Plot 4, Inkosi Farm committed suicide on Sunday after virginity tests at the church showed that she had lost her virginity.
As reported by The Mirror, on May 4, 2024, Tariro Svikiro went to the African Apostolic Church with her mother where a self-styled prophetess claimed she was no longer a virgin.
The prophetess, by the name Madzimai Chigora, made a prophecy that the girl was no longer a virgin, but she denied it.

A compulsory virginity test was conducted on the minor and the result was that her hymen was no longer intact and therefore she had indulged in sexual intercourse.
It is alleged that the girl then confessed that she had slept with two different boys who had the same surname as the prophetess hence they could be her relatives.

After the church service, the girl went back home and her mother observed that she was depressed.
The following day, her mother found her lying on the floor in a critical condition and her son told her that the girl had drunk poison.
Tariro was rushed to Chivhu General Hospital where she was pronounced dead on admission.
Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson for Mashonaland East Province, Simon Chazovachiyi confirmed the incident to The Mirror.

He said _”We are appealing to members of the public to seek counselling services in situations like this. I also urge parents to be very close to their children so that they will feel free to disclose everything to them.”_

Virginity testing of young women has been one of the most controversial and sensitive subjects in Zimbabwe.
The testing involves inspecting the genitalia of unmarried girls and women to determine if they are sexually chaste.

Advocates say virginity testing helps combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs and is a way to preserve societies’ identity and cultural values, especially for teenage girls.
However, critics say virginity testing is a violation of girls’ and young women’s rights and deprives women of power and control over their bodies and sexuality.

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