I am sick of these men so i marry myself.


Woman marries herself – I am sick of these men.


A South Sudanese woman explained that she is tired of men so she has walked herself down the aisle.


She dressed herself wearing an off-white gown and posted the picture, captioned, ”Sick of these n***as, so I made my own vows to myself.”


Ayuol Manyok based in Australia expressed that she was tired of man, she had had enough and was done dealing with them.

She made a decision that she would exchange vows with herself inorder to get rid of men troublesomeness.


However, this woman was just looking for views, so after she had reached the number of views she wanted, Ayuol Manyok, responded claiming it was all a joke.


‘They really can’t take a joke huh ?‘, she wrote. ‘Girl, this is a bridal photoshoot I did, the caption is supposed to be witty‘, she added.

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