In a shock that took the social media streets where the controversial Apostle TF Chiwenga as he attacked the business guru Sir Wicknell implying that Sir Wicknell is a nobody.

He said _”…one of marombe aripadhuze anouya mumusoro mangu ndi Wicknell Chivhayo…”_, many were shocked by the audacity TF Chiwenga had to attack the businessman.

He went on to imply that those who are married by men given cars by Sir Wicknell are as good as single because their husbands are dead, because they sold their souls to the devil. He said _”people who are receiving those cars are betraying their own souls, they’ll realise later. They are selling their souls to the devil.”_

Prophet TF Chiwenga is not the first and not the only one who questioned Sir Wicknell’s donations. Many thinks it’s ritualistic while others think it’s a ZANU PF campaign strategy. The reasonsfor Chivhayo’s donations are always unknown and believed to be staying that way.

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