Zimbabawe has been blessed with a new voice on the music scene, Frya Music who’s real name is Rutendo Maregere. Frya is a talented Zimbabwean singer and songwriter who blew up with the latest Gaffa’s song from the Love Quartet, Akayenda. Her recognition happened through this collaboration showcasing her unique, angelic voice and style to a much larger audience.

Her journy through music began with a simple cover song for Adele’s hit song “One and Only” online. This move glued the attention of a producer from South Africa’s television network (SABC) who offered her collaboration deals and as a result, Frya was invited to work on a new show called “Side Dish” and one of her songs was made the theme song for the show.

Through her music, she aims to inspire and uplift other artists by sharing her experiences and emotions through her lyrics and melodies like any other artist. Her diverse style and sound have resonated with her fans and a following of loyals is building across Zimbabwe and not only in Zimbabwe but the globe too.

It is clear that Frya Music is a talented artist on the rise because her music is continuing to make waves in the music industry. With her feature of “Akayenda” and her successful debut album “Balance”, sbe has prove herself to be a force to be reckoned with. All that’s left is to expect great things from the Zimbabwean singer-songwriter in the future of music.

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