Grandmother (71) Locks Up Granddaughter (23) Inside House For 3 Years, Alleging Abduction Threat

A 71-year-old woman from Zengeza suburb in Chitungwiza allegedly locked up her granddaughter in the house for three years saying it was for her safety. Talent Gent’s grandmother, Gogo Mushore (71) claimed that there was a rogue man in the neighbourhood who wanted to abduct her granddaughter because she turned down his love proposal.
However, giving a statement before she was barred from revealing more by Gogo Mushore, Talent’s mother, Joyleen Gent, said that there is more than what meets the eye. She said:

There is more to this. I am not feeling well, if you may provide my daughter with a pen to write something? Please help us.
Talent (23) stays with her mother and grandmother and the two have been making sure that she does not go outside the house.

She said that she has not been outside the house for three years and her desire is to be allowed to enjoy simple things such as basking in the sun.

Talent said _”I am not allowed to leave this house. Ndavekudawo kumbo buda panze.”_

Gogo Mushore, a widow, insisted that Talent was being hunted down by a male neighbour who wanted to marry her.

She said _”ndakaona kuti akatogara zvake mumba kwehupenyu hwake hwese zvirinani pakuti apondwe._
_There is a man in our neighbourhood who proposed to Talent and she turned him away._
_From that day, he tried to take her by force and we warned him. He ended up sending his guys to take her by force._
_Murume uyu akasvika pakumitisa varoora vangu vaviri achiedza kuwana mukana wekusvika pana Talent.”_

Gogo Mushore reportedly removed all tenants from her house because she did not want visitors to her house, which could allow the “rogue” man to sneak in and abduct her.

She said _”We decided to stay without tenants because of that man. My daughter (Talent’s mother) separated from her husband and is not feeling well._
_I am a widow, and none of us is going to work so the challenge is that we are starving, there is no food in the house._
_We have some church pastors praying for us, but they conduct their prayers on the ground somewhere, not in this house._
_Our hope is in their prayers, without that, the life we are living here is unbearable.”_

However, some Zengeza residents suspect that black magic is involved and that the issue of a rogue man waiting to snatch the young woman is a mere cover-up.

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