Lasizwe’s Bae Wiseman Zitha Leaves Fans Confused After He Marries A Woman


Wiseman Zitha, the model and actor has caused confusion on the social media with his latest actions.


The hunky Wiseman Zitha, who was assumed to be gay, shared pictures of himself and his ‘wife’ Didintle Mollo in lovely wedding clothes. The actor known as Mondli on The River captioned the pictures,




Most of the fans hurried to congratulate the newly weds but many of them were left extremely confused.


The same pictures were posted by Didintle Mollo which reflected that the wedding took place with the cake and all.


The wedding seemed to be guestless and many think it’s a joke or a photoshoot. Since its the lockdown, guests were not needed.


Questions were raised about the presence of Mohale and Somizi, who are besties with Wiseman Zitha, being present at the wedding.

The fans do not believe that The River actor, whom they think is gay, can hook up with a woman.


A mystery of Lasizwe appeared.


A few weeks ago Wiseman Zitha was connected to media personality Lasizwe Dambuza.


Lasizwe then shared a photo with Wiseman, cuddling and having a good time in bed and called him bae.


The two were spotted kissing in public at some point and shared pictures together on their Instagram stories.


Well, it seems like neither Wiseman Zitha nor Didintle Mollo want to give an explanation to the fans on whats really going on.

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