Sad news! Gomora Actress Loses Her Dad To Cancer


Gomora actress Leera Mthethwa, potraying Mam Jackie revealed that she’s lost her father after he suffered a long battle with cancer. May his soul rest in peace.

A month ago, she was spotted on the set of Mzansi’s hottest telenovela, Gomora with Sihle Ndaba. The two stars, who both portray teachers at Gomora high, came with their A-game, as always.


Their characters havent really gotten off on the right note as reflected on the actual drama.

Sihle has the character of a deceiving educator with charm and is after young highschool boys and Leera has the character of feeling intimidated by the fact that all the leaners love her, especially the boys.


The two snaps posted by Ndaba reflected very different stories. The first picture was taken when they were in character and the second frame was off-character. In her caption, she showed that the two of them actually go way back. These two met at an audition a year back and have been friends ever since.

“What we look like during a take (Frame 1) VS when the Director calls cut (Frame 2)… Fun Fact: I met Leera Mthethwa at a casting a number of years ago and when she told me she was a Mthethwa I told her, we are family now and she was stuck with me for life ? I’m sure she thought I was mad ? ⏭ A few years later we get to work together ????? What a joy!!Needless to say she is my person and I hers. Thus my woman crush.”


Before her first appearance on Gomora, a week ago, Miss Ndaba posted the exciting news with her fans, saying that her character, Miss Manzi is here to move things up.


“Great Morning Family ? I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful messages, comments, DMs, Tweets etc. I’ve received on the debut of my new character, Ncebakazi Manzi? on @gomora_mzanzimagic. I tried to respond to every single one but I know I may have missed a few. Nonetheless, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for the love and support over the years, it does not go unnoticed…. As for Ms Manzi, all I can say is. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a wild one.”


Sihle’s character as described by the writer is a great teacher who knows how to use her looks to her advantage.


“Manzi is a passionate and dedicated teacher, who cares for her learners and is excellent at her job. She dresses professionally but has a naughty side. Manzi knows she’s hot, she low-key enjoys the attention and knows how to use it to her advantage. Not only is she the new Business Studies teacher at Gomora High but is also the Dlamini’s family friend.”


Recently, she’s been having her eye on innocent and shy Teddy. Since she is her teacher, she has become more close than it is appropriate.

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