Zodwa on the praise and worship team

A church in the United States of America has branded to a strip club just to dodge Covid 19 regulations. Mean while, another church in South Africa allowed Zodwa waBantu to dance on their stage bringing a questions to many conscious saints.

Zodwa on the praise and worship team

Below is a video by Church Reality check discussing both issues.

Churches Renamed To Strip Clubs Inorder To Remain Open.


Two California megachurches have continued to defy the state’s coronavirus ban on indoor worship services, rebranding themselves as “strip clubs”.


Awaken Church in San Diego and Godspeak Calvary Chapel reported that pastors removed their ties before the congregation and both declared themselves that they are strip clubs because strip clubs are allowed indoor patrons under California law.


In order to avoid Covid 19 lockdown, a number of pastors in the US have renamed their churches as “strip clubs”. (Jurgen Matthesius/Instagram)

Pastor Jurgen Matthesius of Awaken declared the church was now Awaken “Family Friendly Strip Club” in an Instagram video.


“Where we strip the devil of his hold, power and authority over peoples’ lives,” he said.


Godspeak’s pastor, Rob McCoy, made the same declaration against the so-called government “tyranny”.


“Those that are abused are being quarantined with their abusers. The elderly are lonely and isolated for no reason. No one gets to attend the funerals of their loved ones … it’s our responsibility to support folks,” he said.


Californian law states that there can be no indoor worship gatherings. (Jurgen Matthesius/Instagram)

The “strip club” reference followed by former Arizona governor and Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee, suggested that churches should rename their churches after a California judge declared that strip clubs remain open but churches should be closed.


Carlifornia judges were ordered by the Supreme Court to re-visit the situation, so very soom the state could be opening churches and shutting down stip clubs. Therefore, the law could change soon. (Jurgen Matthesius/Instagram)


Thousands of people across the US are still dying of COVID-19 each week, with more than 285,000 people killed since the beginning of the pandemic.

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