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Master KG Wants Girlfriend, Queen Lolly To Abort.


The well known music producer, Master KG (Kgaogela Moagi) is expecting his first child and he orders his lover, Queen Lolly whose real name is Nomfundo Shezi, to abort the pregnancy.


According to City Press, Queen Lolly updated Master KG, the ‘Jerusalema’ star that she was pregnant and he immediately ordered her to “get rid of the baby.”


“I fell pregnant two months ago and when I told him, he told me to have an abortion. I asked him why he was doing this, when I had put up with everything he had already put me through, including dating another woman and going public about it. There are many different women he’s been with while asking me to be patient with him,”

She also mentioned that this was the second time that she had fallen pregnant with Master KG’s baby,


“He wants me to terminate the pregnancy, but he doesn’t like paying hospital bills. Last year, I fell pregnant and I went through the whole thing by myself. I had a miscarriage and he wasn’t there, although he knew [what had happened].

“I asked him how I can have an abortion if he doesn’t pay hospital bills. The first time, he said: ‘Please make a plan.’ KG is a womaniser and preys on powerless women because he knows he has power,”

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Queen Lolly said that she nolonger wanted to have a long term relationship with the Limpopo-born musician who had disappointed her when she needed him the most.


“He said he didn’t give a f**k and I could go ahead and tell the press about it because he was loved all over the world, but who was I? He said he wasn’t ready for a child. I told him I needed money to terminate and he asked how much. I told him to do the booking since he was the one who didn’t want the baby, and that he shouldn’t book me into a cheap backdoor clinic.”


Master KG on the other hand responded to the allegations, blaming Queen Lolly of trying to ruin his image since he had left her and refused to produce a song for her.


“Just because I am not doing what she wants me to do, she is coming up with stories to make me look bad in the public. First thing, she’s saying that I said she must abort, whereas she is the one who sent the message and said she’s going to abort. If there is a baby and it is mine, I don’t see a reason for her to abort my child. I have a baby already. Why would I tell her to abort?”

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