Tragedy as drunk taxi driver killed a nurse on her way to work


Susan Mulaudzi, a nurse at Limpopo, died on her way to work at Elim hospital when a taxi driven by a drunk driver crushed into her car on Day of Goodwill. Provincial health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba confirmed the sad news.


Ramathuba said the taxi driver was at a local tavern the whole night.


“It is alleged that the taxi driver, aged 26, together with other four occupants [of the taxi] were from … a tavern at Hamasakona village where they spent the entire night drinking alcohol. The taxi is from Gauteng and is back home for the festive season,” said Ramathuba.


Ramathuba said the driver left the tavern and he “unfortunately met a hardworking, responsible and caring citizen on her way to preserve and save lives on a holiday wherein they crash into her vehicle and killed her”. She was angered by the tragedy


Ramathuba went to the hospital to support Malaudzi’s colleagues.


“I am angry. I cannot lose a professional nurse during the period when I need them most,” she said.


“People came back from Gauteng and instead of spending time with their family at home they went on a drinking spree the entire night and now they have taken a life of a valuable person.”

Ramathuba swore that she would make sure that the taxi driver was brought to book.

Acciden Scene


“We will make sure justice is served in this case. People must be arrested, not only did they undermine curfew regulations but their arrogance and stubbornness has robbed us of a life of a life saver.”


Mulaudzi left two children and her husband, a radiographer at the same hospital.


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