An Insight on the legendary: Nandi Nyembe


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Nandi Nyembe is a well known Souty African actress popularly recognised for her role as Nandi Sibiya on the soccer drama show Zone 14. The actress has been in the filming show business for several years. She is currently starring on Lithapo as Ma Shezi. Fun fact about the actress she is also a sangoma…..


‌The actress is 70 years born and she was born on August 19 1950 in Kliptown,Johannesburg South Africa. She has two children unfortunately the other one is deceased.


Nandi’s son was a product of rape. She  said that her son became devastated after  she told him. “He became a different person from the day I told him about how I became pregnant. He became an alcohol addict and eventually died in 2011.” Nandi’s daughter used to be a sangoma but she stopped.


The actor received her calling of being a sangoma at a very tender age, when she was seventeen years. Before knowing she had a sangoma calling the actress had a serious illness, as a result of being able to connect with the spirits of people who died on the road.

“I was sick and my mother had to take me to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. At some point, doctors had to test my urine and surprisingly it came out with soil but there was nothing wrong with me.”


Nandi has been married twice, she says it seems as though someone was always robbing her happiness from her in both of her marriages. In the first marriage she suffered from physical abuse and the last one she suffered from emotional abuse.


Nandi’s first husband was Bob, she allegedly suffered abuse for more than 15 years. She says when they tied the knot, they were the perfect match.

The actress said, “We were such a cute couple and everyone was envious of our relationship, until he showed me his true colors.”

“ I really loved Bob dearly. I had hope that one day he would change”.  Bob’s behavior became worse he would bring other women to their matrimonial home.


A few years later Nandi decided to get back in the dating game. She thought she had found the perfect one. Unfortunately luck was not on her side and she was emotionally abused.

The actress said,  “The worst was when he got my close friend pregnant. I had to let him go. I have forgiven him and we are friends now”.


Her net worth is estimated to be approximately worth $ 800 000 according to the public sources. These earnings are from her acting and endorsement deals.


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