Halala! Khanya Dladla bags a role on eHostela.


The multi-talented actor and singer Khaya Dladla has finally given acting another chance after being sidelined by SABC 1’s hit soapie Uzalo producers.


One of the fan’s favourite actor who had been reduced to call actor is now back on the screens. Khaya made his first appearance in eHostela last night playing the character of Nxebale Ndoda. The show plays on Mzansi Magic and it has returned for its second season.


Mzansi expressed their excitement on social media following his first appearance after his Uzalo stint which made him a household name with many fans. Some showered him for being versatile as he is doing a new role different from the gay character on Uzalo.


The hard-hitting show is mainly based on township violence and the deadly taxi industry. eHostela first season was shot in Durban and features a star-studded cast, but the second season moved to Johannesburg


Following Khaya’s dramatic exit in Uzalo, his return to our small screen is something to celebrate. Speaking to ZAlebs last year about his departure from the show, he said it really hurt him so much.


“The thing is with me leaving the show, I didn’t process it because I wasn’t told I was leaving the show, so there was no time for me to digest that in the next three months I won’t be on this show because, no one said anything to me about not coming back. Other actors were told that they won’t be coming back but I was not,” he said.


“At the end of the day, there was no book or line in my life that said I would work for Uzalo and I did there was no book that said I would stay on Uzalo for 20 years. It was one of those things that wake up and you need to move on and I’m so glad because I needed that break, I think everything happens for a reason.”

Khaya emphasised his great work ethics on the show.




“When I was let go on Uzalo, there was no reason to say that maybe I was troublesome, I was so professional, I wrote lines for GC, I prepped for everything and my scenes. People called and said I have been fired. If I was like I’m not fired, I’m now a call actor, meanwhile Khaya has been fired because it cannot happen that you put someone on standby for 1 year,” he said.


Khaya has since been putting extra effort on his radio gig on Gagasi FM and he is now engaged to Mercutio Buthelezi.


Congratulations Khaya!

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