Shocking!!Cow kills and eats a human being.


Noone has ever seen this shocking incident. Zininzi was not only killed by the cow, the cow also ate the body parts.


“I have only ever heard of things like this in Ezintsomini,” said Litha Ludidi a relative


“It’s as if somebody is telling me a myth or legend,” said 53-year-old Ludidi from Mdeni in Qumbu, Eastern Cape, explaining the death of Zininzi.


“At my age I’ve come to accept that there’s nothing new under the sun.


“I thought I couldn’t be surprised anymore, but this is totally different. This is something we’ve never seen before.”


Ludidi, spoke on behalf of the Mthethandaba family, telling Daily Sun he had a meeting with four animal health experts who said that with a diseased animal anything can happen.


“We’ll wait for the Department of Agriculture to tell us what happened before we start thinking about evil spirits,” said Ludidi.


Mthethandaba was a grade 3 teacher at Ncothi Senior Primary School in Qumbu since 2008.


Principal Mzuvukile Mjanyelwa said the school is in shock.


Zininzi’ casket was carried by family members when she was being buried yesterday in Qumbu.

“The pupils who live around here are still struggling to believe their teacher is no more,” said Mjanyelwa.


“I’ve never seen a human being eaten by a cow, but when this happened last week I was there personally.


“I saw it myself. The body parts were scattered all over.”


The terrible incident took place last week, and Mthethandaba was buried on Saturday, 2 January.


Nolitha Ludidi from the Hlubi Traditional Council was still surprised when the SunTeam spoke to her, saying he would not jump to a conclusion but wait for the Department of Agriculture to inform them on what had caused the cow to eat a human being.


“The cow is in a safe place and officials are expected to come here by next week,” Ludidi said.

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