Busiswa slams back at bikini haters telling them to ‘Rest!’

Busiswa sends her haters on vacation with her spicy clap backs! The Singer-songwriter Busiswa clapped back once again at her haters, telling them to “rest”.

The Black is King star, shared a photoset of herself chilling by the poolside in a bikini, with her face make up on and she had to defend herself from body-shaming haters.

Though the SBWL hitmaker had some fans literally living, loving and craving, haters never ceased.

A troll came for her looks and make-up, dissing her and the tweep had to mention that she should wear sunscreen. However, Busiswa was in a no-nonsense mood and responded at the hate.

“Thank you preenseepal. I wore my sunscreen and my face beat and I swam. How was your day?” tweeted the star.

Haters kept emerging and asked her why her outfit wasn’t matching. The musician had the perfect reply for the hater.

“Don’t asking, Rest,” tweeted Busiswa.

My Power star has not experienced this for the first time as she has always had to defend herself from Twitter negativity

In the past, Busiswa posted pictures of herself on Twitter and a body shaming tweep thought it was appropriate to let the star know that they miss her “old body,” so she had to defend herself from that.

Feeling that the tweep was over doing it, she felt she had to send them on a vacation or packing.

“Don’t stress yourself about my body, young man. No matter how tempted you are, don’t do that,” she replied.

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