Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has called for authorities to open the Beitbridge border for Zimbabweans as further closure may lead to a strong humanitarian crisis. He argues that Zimbabweans will not bring Covid into South Africa as they left it there.

Below is his message on Twitter.

Please open the boarders from Zim, Lesotho & Mozambique!!! They not bringing Covid; they left it here & will find it here. Let them in. It’s not fair – they live here. They are from here. They are part of us! 


Or you will be dealing with the worst humanitarian crisis than Covid!

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean CNN award winning journalists Hopewell Chin’ono reports on the situation at the Beitbridge post. Below is his report.

This is the current situation this morning at the Beitbridge border post.


These Zimbabweans are now on the South African side of the border, waiting to be processed so that they can be let out to proceed to South Africa.


This is a sign of how desperate Zimbabweans are due to the economic mess, incompetence, looting of public funds, plunder of the country’s natural resources and corruption.


Sadly many of these people are not even wearing masks, no social distancing.


How will we contain Covid-19 with this level of disregard for the regulations?


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