“Romeo Medupe” Scandal actor new salaries makes him one of the highest paid in Mzansi…

Rumour reaching out from close sources from Scandal has it that the star actor , Hungani Ndlovu has been offered a lucrative big-money contract.

Before his much-talked-about shocking exit saga, the star actor was being paid between R65 000 and R80 000 per month.

No doubt that he would feel unappreciated since he was the face of the daily hit soapie. His new contract deal with Scandal seems to be one of the big-money moves of 2021.

It is alleged that Romeo Medupe will now be earning at least between R85 000 and R100 000 per month. However, Romeo salary won’t be fixed rather it will be determined by variables such as time on scenes and character impact on the storyline.

The much celebrated and loved South African actor Hungani Ndlovu who plays Romeo Medupe on etv’s hit soapie Scandal, made headlines last year with his shocking exit.

The gifted star’s exit from Scandal took South Africa by surprise and many fans are still connecting the dots in regards to his exit.

With fans threatening to boycott the show and a significant decline of viewers in the last quarter.

Scandal’s team production was left with no option but to bring back the star.

Romeo has been brought back to the cast and Mzansi is thrilled and awaits for the drama to unfold. Rumour was that his exit came in the backdrop of a fallout conflict with the production team.

However, Ndlovu also felt that he was being targeted by some people in the production, and he just wanted to make things easy for them by resigning from the soapie.

Another reason Ndlovu allegedly left the show for is that he didn’t feel appreciated at Scandal.

Scandal has been caught off guard by shocking resignations in the past before, and this particular incident was not the first time.

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