Refiloe Jawa owner of Slay Queen Cleaning Service speaks out: “I don’t offer sex”

Refiloe Jawa’s Slay Queen Cleaning Services is being threatened by a fake slay queen.

Refiloe (26) said that there’s a person claiming to be her, but is also offering a poke for R1 000. On 4 January, it was reported that the slay queen of the cleaning services has been prospering.

One of Refiloe’s clients told her that someone was pretending to be her and now men can not stop calling her and texting her asking for s.e.x.


“I don’t offer s.e.x!” said the angry slay queen.

“I won’t rest until I find the person behind this. It hurts to see someone ruining my reputation,” she said.

He friends realised that the person impersonating Refiloe really isn’t her. Thabang Ndamase revealed  on social media it was sad someone would exploit Refiloe’s idea.

Sabonga Magcaba said:

“ Make sure you’re not alone or you have a person’s details and your whereabouts are known. We love you and whoever is behind this will be found.”-daily sun


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