Simphiwe Dana has confronted Somizi after the social  media wars with journalists. It seems Somizi is quickly losing his cool effect. The social media wars between Somizi and journos of late has made him somehow unpopular with the public and peers alike.

The celebrated Tv personality has seen himself receiving social media backlash after he lashed out at journos from Sunday World and City Press.

The social media wars seem to have turned into a cliche reality show. Mzansi has weighed and is glued to the drama. The much celebrated and award winning South African musician Simphiwe Dana also weighed with her two cents to the matter.

The latter has given Somizi advice on how to deal with the situation . The advice was in regards to this past weekend’s social media posts where he was seen fighting the media.The media personality delivered two savage clapbacks at two journalists who work for two different media houses.

The first journalist who felt the wrath of the choreographer was a City Press journalist by the name of Miss Julia Madibogo who wanted his comments about the rumours of the supposed allegations of him divorcing with husband Mohale Motaung.

The article written by the journo claimed that the two were in divorce talks due to Mohale’s cheating ways. Apparently, the man he cheated with is a married friend of Somizi’s.

The article didn’t sit well with Somizi who later blasted the journo and City Press. Somgaga warned that he will ‘sue the living hell’ out of the publication, and he exposed the woman’s contact numbers.

“Please make my year and write the story as I will sue the living hell out of you and your publication for this crap you are asking me, get your facts right or go join Sunday World,” he said.

The second journo was a Sunday World journalist who approached him for comment regarding news that a Season 2 of his cooking show, Dinner At Somizi’s, is suspended.

The triggered Somizi responded to the journo in a very vile and blunt way when he said,“Deadline yo m***u kan**ko, g**o lika yihlo, u fu**en abortion survivor,” he said.  In translation, he insulted the journalist’s parents and implied that he or she survived an abortion.

Adding her thoughts on the matter, Simphiwe Dana said Somizi was not wrong for the first incident which involved the City Press journalist.

“I don’t think Somizi is wrong. There are boundaries. Respect them. Us being public figures doesn’t create grounds for uba wena usiqhele (for y’all to treat us like this). Otherwise, write your story ungasifaki”, she tweeted.

For the second clap back Simphiwe felt as though he was totally out of line for referring to the journo as an “abortion survivor” and cussing at his parents.“I didn’t see this one. And it’s completely out of line. It would be good to know what led to it”, she said.

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