Meet the youngest mother at the age of 8 years

Luleka mzizi has shocked the world as she gave birth to a healthy baby. Her parents did not have any clue about the pregnancy of their daughter until they saw a baby with their two eyes.

Meet the youngest mother at the age of 8 years
Luleka began to gain weight and her parents assumed it was due to feeding her healthy food as her baby bump was not big she just looked fat .

The little girl began to complain about cramps and back pain at night as the pain became severe. Her parents drove her to hospital to look for help.

The girl was checked and admitted into the hospital and the parents were then updated about her condition . It is claimed that the parents were aware since day one and they had seen the signs.

She delivered a healthy baby girl and stayed 2 months in the hospital in a comma. The girl did not return to her normal state after giving birth.

Her parents took care of the baby as they prayed for their daughter to be well. Two months later she went out of comma but she was not released from hospital. She extended her stay at the hospital with 9 months and was then discharged and went back home to her family.

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