A young South African man recently shared on Twitter about how generous his in-laws have been to him and his new wife saying that his in-laws gave him back the money he had paid as lobola so that he and his wife could start their lives over.

As part of an age-old tradition many young South African men have paid lobola to their bride’s family. Recently a young South African man was spared the expense by his bride’s family who has said that the couple can do better things with the cash.

Taking to Twitter, he explained how he had forked out R65 000 for his bride’s lobola. However, when his family went to pay lobola to her family, they refused, only suggesting to take R2 000 of the money which they used for food. They opted that the young couple could use the R63k to start their lives together.

Excitingly the guy also explained that the family had asked their daughter to keep aside R40 000 for a ceremony which they later said they would pay for themselves thereforemakinf the couple to have R103k for their lives.

“I’m so excited last weekend I sent my family to pay lobola for me, I was charged R65000 when my family arrived they paid and were given R63000 back to give to me n my wife to go Kickstart our new marriage 2000 deducted was just for food they prepared for the 2 families,” he wrote happily.

South Africans enjoyed the post and many of them shared their thoughts in the comment section.

@ShirhamiSound said: “This is how ‘lobola’ is supposed to be done. The family unit and help the new couple to start the loving home. You have blessings from ancestors from both families.”

@calnicoty said: Man teary eyed as bae buys groceries while he goes through rough patch “Sounds like you have been blessed with an amazingly supportive family.”

@middleclassmom4 said: “What a lovely family you’re marrying into. Well done. Now look after each other, this is a wonderful opportunity you’ve both been given. Don’t buy expensive homes cars etc. invest in a sure way to grow your wealth – restraint now will give you financial freedom down the line!” A SA man shared how his in-laws gave back lobola.

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