Internationally renowned musician Master KG has set the record straight concerning  his collaboration with Nigerian superstar Burna Boy.

The Limpopo-born musician collaborated with Burna Boy on his Jerusalema remix which featured vocalist Nomcebo Zikode. The remix has been topping the charts in South Africa and across the world and in Mzansi it recently reached 150 000 000 streams and was certified gold, proving that it is a hit.

Speaking to The Punch, a Nigerian publication, Master KG said he did not pay Burna to feature on the remix.

“I did not pay Burna Boy to feature on the remix of the song, Jerusalema. There was no paid fee for this feature to happen. The amazing thing about the song is that it was already popular. According to what I heard, the song was one of his favourite songs as well. It was so easy to make it work and make the collaboration a success. So, there was no payment for the feature,” he stated.

He said Burna was a big fan of the song hence it was easy to score a collaboration with him.

“I also feel that the reason there was no money involved is because Burna Boy also loves the song and he related well with the song. It was not something he did for money instead he did it because it comes from his he heart.”

He said his team reached out to him and Burna Boy agreed to be part of the remix because he already knew the track.

“My team reached out to him and he agreed. It was great because Burna Boy was also aware of the original song, it was not new to him so that also made things easier for him to relate and accept to be part of the song because it is something that he knew about. It was all good vibes. We shared ideas, he recorded the song and sent it back. He asked for my thought on his verse and I told him I was blown away.”

Master KG has been raising the South African fly since his song went global. Recently he was  in the Santiago Dominican Republic hanging out with world-renowned actor Vin Diesel and his wife.

The musician had dinner with the lovebirds and he revealed that they invited him to come and perform for them and their family.

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