Somizi has revealed his intention to give out his clothes to foundations. The star shared all these through his Instagram as he posted pictures of the clothes he wants to giveaway.

The media personality mentioned that the rail in his closet broke because of too much weight it can’t take anymore. Somizi also said that the wardrobes in the other bedroom can not contain anything anymore as well as the storage downstairs.

Due to this, the presenter has made up his mind to give them out to those who might want them since they are still in good condition. He is also making a good cause by making sure less privileged have clothes to wear during these extra tough times.

The actor mentioned that he will be dividing the clothes into 3 foundations.
Somizi captioned: “So……the rail in my closet broke coz it can’t take the weight anymore…….the other bedroom all wardrobes are full…..the storage downstairs is also full….its a sign….its time to giveaway clothes……they’re all in great condition….most of them esp suits I’ve worn once…..but to make ot simple I wanna give to foundations…..l split them into 3 foundations ….. please contact my PA @iam_sphekay to nominate a foundation that cud do some male stuff for young men and boys.

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