The Queen was dethroned Gomora because it’s got better story lines and better casting. On Gomora there’s not a single actor that one could pick point as faulty or untalented.

Whereas The Queen seems to choose some of its casts basing on their popularity, beauty and the number of followers they have on social media.

The multi-award winning Tshedza Pictures Duo, Phathu Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon who are the brains behind 1Magic’s The River and The Legacy, are the head writers of this award-winning hit telenovela.

The fact of the issue is, soapie fans connect with Gomora more, though some critics have credited Uyajola-99’s ending in August to Gomora’s top views on DSTV currently.

The show began to show in April of 2020 and received more than 2 million views and has been competing with The Queen since.

The show features actresses such as Connie Chiume who plays the villainous-gangster role of MamSonto. Fans of the legendary Black Panther acrtress who was known for playing typecast sweet and innocent roles found this as refreshing. Her on-screen daughter is played by Katlego Danke who also took on a villainy role of Nthati.

What makes the show different?

This literally opened up the industry by handpicking extremely talented fresh faces such as, Siphesihle Ndaba who plays Mazet, Sicelo Buthelezi who plays Teddy, Ntobeko Sishi who plays Ntokozo and many more…

While The Queen fans have continuously complained about repetion of storylines, Gomora has given its viewers fresh content everyday and trending for all the right reasons.

The current storyline:

Ntokozo and Mazet killed Langa’s soon-to-be grandfather, Bra Mike on his wedding day while trying to hijack his car (the gusheshe).

Sishi’s excellent portrayal of Ntokozo is so outstanding that he makes some veteran actors on the show look like newbies. His relationship with his parents, Melusi and Gladys has gone sour and keeps getting worse as he continuous to lie to them about what he’s done.

MamSonto is in mourning for Bra Mike and has no idea who killed her husband. The most interesting part about this storyline is that MamSonto herself is a car hijacking kingpin who is responsible for Nthati’s husband’s death..

Nthati is about to finally find out that her mother is the brains behind her husband’s death because of Mazet’s recent hijacking.

Nomatter what the drama keeps one glued to the screen because of its unpredictability and sheer genius of camera work by Seriti Films and the behind the scenes team.

Some of the Mzansi’s bad-ass females who also have experience working in front of the camera are the directors and producers.

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