Skeem Saam actor Mlungisi Mathe  has answered his ancestral calling.

He’s already a practising sangoma but still going through ukuthwasa.

Mlungisi, who played Emkay on  Skeem Saam, told Daily Sun the journey was confusing.

“Fortunately, there are things I already knew and understood.

“Although it’s been hectic, lots of things were revealed to me.

“I found out about stuff I didn’t know about myself, stuff I didn’t understand from a young age. I now understand why some things happened,” he said.

It’s the hardest thing ever. I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.Mlungisi Mathe1

The gift of healing people is hard because you lose yourself.

“Amadlozi are using you and getting their first chance of life through you.”

Mlungisi said he knew from a young age he was supposed to take this journey.

“I found out I had amadlozi before I was even 15. There were spirits that haunted me, but I didn’t know what was happening.

“It was sometimes dreams and visions at other times;”

He said it took him a while to accept his calling.Mlungisi Mathe2

It took some time to accept my calling because I didn’t know what was happening. I was confused and had no one to guide me and tell me what was happening.

“The fact that I took time to accept it was a problem. A lot of things got ruined. When you take time to accept a calling, amadlozi think you’re being disrespectful.”

Mlungisi said he’s not just a sangoma but a spiritualist and medium.

“I read books, the Bible and interpret dreams and people’s journeys,” said Mlungisi, who’s Themba on Mzansi Magic’s eHostela.

“This disturbs my work as an artist. If I decline to help, my artistic side comes to a standstill. I need to go back and help that person so I can continue with my work.”

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