Ms. Makhadzi began to explain that she’s the most beautiful woman on the planet and attacks came her way immediately. A declaration was made by Mr Attractive as he was struck by the disease of Makhadzi leading him to say that she is the most wonderful lady in South Africa.

Makhadzi is not the first star to be criticised by the public for a health-related issue she could not control and she never ever thought she could take blame for it. Makhadzi has proven to be a powerful powerhouse as she has been able to get one of South Africa’s most respected performers.

Whenever Venda singer My Mimi went on Twitter parties tweeps would criticize or judge her appearance when she would attend. Mr Attractive, an anonymous tweep shared an image of Makhadzi captioned, “Makhadzi stays the most smoking and the most excellent lady in South Africa.”.

The message went beyond twitter taking over the tweeting of the rest of the world as there was nothing else being tweeted about by others except from Mr Attractive subtitles. Some hurriedly congratulated him, saying he is a hard worker and is a very great tracker by the viewers.

Tweepsearch was responsible for Makhadzi’s looks saying this “She’s very attractive, not exceptional. Sometimes you need to appreciate the president as if he was a very responsible person in South Africa.

As the case may be, you look just as good thus you are pretty attractive. What would we say God made everything great.”

“Is it accurate to say that you are in any kind of manner harming her now? She has risen to success in South Africa in her own right which means she is the most pleasant lady in South Africa.”

Hypothetically, would you date a person who was bankrupt and not celebrated?

In this case South Africans (S.A.) seem to disagree with Mr Attractive, Makhadzi concerning the latter recently calling a designer a “puppet a job.” Food was another monitors poison regardless what twitter said.

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