“I can’t-wait to have a family with you”

We are all aware that Lasizwe’s last relationship ended in tears after his ex-dribbled him and then made fun out of it. He opened up about the heartbreak on social media and voiced out his frustrations. Baby Boy seems to have learnt his lesson and has his eyes set on a potential lover. He went to Twitter and penned a lengthy thread targeted to this special somebody.

“I know you’re watching me. I know you’re thinking about me because I’m also thinking about u. I know you’re scared of me, you’re scared of the light that follows me. Our connection is magical and you know this. One thing I can promise u is to love and protect you wholeheartedly,” he tweeted.

From what we have observed, it seems Lasizwe and this mystery person have met before but Lasizwe’s fame is restricting them from getting in a relationship. “Take a chance on me like how you took a chance with your life and broke the generational cycle and became the first in your family to do so. Take a chance on us.” He tweeted to this very special person. “I promise not to hurt you but guide you as my partner. I will be your Bonnie to your Clyde but only if you let me.”

He promised to be his pillar of strength and never to hurt this special person. “I want to be your ride or die. Your source of confidence, your pillar of strength. Allow me into your world, drop your guard down. Bring me into your safe space. You’re safe with me. I really can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, we be laughing, dancing, singing on top of our lungs waking up the Neighbors because we are the definition of Happiness is a four-letter word. I can’t wait to have a family with u and let our kids grow up in a safe environment. I hope u read this one day and be with me.”

Lasizwe is willing to sacrifice everything for this person, we wonder who the mystery person is.

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