Actress and songstress, Letoya Makhene-Pulumo and her wife, Lebo Pulumo have been making the headlines this week for allegedly being broke, being robbed and for being stalked! The couple started trending 48hours ago for allegedly not paying a R2000 bill at a restaurant in the north of Johannesburg a month ago, then when it was reported that someone is stalking them they began to trend again.

The Pulumo’s have opened a case of intimidation, defamation of character and destruction of their image by spreading rumours on social media at the police station and they rubbished the claims.

The couple opened up about being stalked and robbed to several media outlets such as TshisaLive, Citizen etc. where they denied the claims that they are broke, stating that they have a healthy bank balance and they’re willing to reveal their bank balance to the world to prove that the allegations are a lie.

They also think that someone has been following them and that same person stalking them might be the same person spreading lies about them on social media and the same person who robbed the Generations actress a while ago.

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