It came as a shock to everyone, having to discover that it’s not the first time Black Coffee has laid a hand on her. She even continued to stress out how Coffee has being violent and could not take it anymore.

According to rumours, Mbali had invited a host of friends and family for a lavish weekend fiesta celebrating her 33rd birthday. This was the same day Mbali revealed her million rands Porsche Boxter in case you might have missed it.

Well, Black Coffee didn’t like the idea that a party was being held at his matrimonial home without him knowing. Since he had moved out to avoid drama he left Mbali zoned at their Sandton mansion.

In some of her statements, Mbali had this to say,

“Nathi asked me why I was throwing a dinner without his permission. I then asked why I needed his permission, and he said because it’s his house. I then told him it’s our home and am puzzled, he then threatened to call the cops to shut it down.

“He was at this point shouting… And the guests that had already arrived where (sic) watching,” said Mbali in her court papers.

Mbali however, mentioned that Coffee of late has become violent and usually shows up more often. She also revealed that he visited her twice late on the 5th of March, and recently on Sunday.

”He asked me why I had my hand on the door. I asked if he was being serious (sic). HE started raising his voice. I asked him to stop and he hit my hand and pushed me. He continued on shouting this was his house. I asked him to stop fighting… till he left the premises,”

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