A mysterious juju ring has been stuck to a 19-year-old boy’s finger and his finger may have to be chopped off because its been eating into his flesh.

According to close relations, the victim is said to have found his friend’s ring lying on a table while they played video game at Kasoa Iron City, Ghana.

The boy was attracted by the shine from the silver ring and he picked and wore it overnight, only to wake up with a swollen index finger.

All efforts to remove the ring proved to be useless, as blacksmiths only managed to break off part of the ring.

It is said the family of the teenager have asked for help from pastors and doctors, but all hopes seem to be lost.

What has shocked the residents is how the ring is outgrowing into the teenager’s flesh and bones.

Information gathered says that the owner explained how the ring works as he revealed that the ring is resistant to water, as ordered by his spiritual advisor.

It is also said the owner demanded a newborn baby’s blood to appease the deity to reverse the consequence.

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