Nigerian man living abroad is now homeless in a dramatic turn of events, after he was thrown out by his white lover for not cooking.

After being thrown out for not cooking, after living together for 5 months in the United Kingdom, the now homeless man ended up sleeping on the street in extreme weather.

He was found by another Nigerian man as he was sleeping on a bench in a dirty area in the city.

He approached him and asked why he was sleeping in the streets whilst it was a freezing weather and the man explained to him his harrowing ordeal at the hands of his former white lover. He is the one who then recorded the whole incident.

Reported by the man, during the stay with his white lover, he used to do all the chores at home but that time he was tired and needed a nap so he decided not to cook.

When she came back from work, she asked why he had not cooked and he explained that he was tired and would do it later.

But the woman got very angry and threw him and his belongings out of her house, which then led him to sleep in the streets.

Atikanews reported that the man had nowhere to go and he had to endure all the pain because he is still waiting for his papers to be processed.

Sadly, the person who was helping him is his ex-lover who threw him out of the house before getting his permit.

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