Cupid’s arrow has hit legendary actor Sello Maake ka Ncube again. Love is in the air, the popular Thespian has found a soulmate in his brand manager Solo Pearl Mbewe.

The former Generations actor’s friend and relative who are happy for the lovebirds revealed the news of their relationship, which was kept hush-hush. The actor’s relative, who wanted to remain unonymous said the two met mid-last year and hit it off soon after a couple of rendezvous.

The relative said although some quarters would say Maake ka Ncube, 61, seems to be snatching the cradle by dating Mbewe, 39, the two are not even concerned about age because according to them, it’s just a number.

“Sello has found himself a young woman at his retirement age and he is so madly in love with her,” said the relative.

The next of kin also revealed that the two celebrated their Valentine’s Day in Cape Town last month because they did not want their relationship to be cannon fodder for the media.

The deep throat also said the cherubic actor took their relationship to the next level when he officially introduced Mbewe to his relatives at his 61-year celebration shindig at Sakhumzi restaurant in Soweto a few weeks ago.

“He introduced her to his relatives, and Pearl also introduced him to her relatives who attended the celebration,” said the relative

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